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To us, talking about the African American community has always meant trying to explain what America is really about and how it has evolved into the nation we know today. It is in this spirit that oltreoceano was born and it is in the same spirit that we published THIS IS AMERICA, our very first printed volume.

THIS IS AMERICA represents a novelty in the Italian publishing scene, for both its quantity and quality of content. Over 200 pages dedicated to the history and culture of the African American community. The volume encapsulates the initial mission of our magazine, namely to offer in-depth content that can enrich the Italian audience's understanding of the black community in America.

Inside you can find the four monographic issues produced by oltreoceano during the years 2022/2023, plus a series of unpublished extra content. The volume can be purchased online and in some selected bookstores in Italy: Anarres Libreria-Bistrò (Via Pietro Crespi 11 Milan), Ultrablu (Piazza Americo Capponi, 7 - Rome), La Libreria del Golem (Via Gioachino Rossini, 21/c - Turin ), 5tate Of Mind (Via Galliera, 19 - Bologna).

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